Tuesday 1 March 2011

Artrebels and my 3 new posters

If you don't already know Artrebels and their shop, it's about time! Artrebels is a a business, a movement and a network for artist, musicians, designers, film makers, cultural acitivists, web designers and other creative souls. What I especially like about Artrebels is their shop where you can buy art, music, fashion, design, etc. from designers, brands, artist and other creative beings from around the world – and if your economy doesn't exactly allow you to spend thousands of dollars on art, you can buy posters and prints from young designers to quite reasonable prizes...!

Yesterday I bought these 3 posters from 3 different artists/designers and I can't wait till they arrive! Especially I like the "Manpattern" by Marlene Rask and the "Mary-Kate-Hat" poster by Wasteful Gold (the last poster made by one of my favorite danish graphic duo's - hvass&hannibal- I mostly bought for the colour scheme...)
Click HERE to go to the shop or on the links below to go to the different posters!

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