Tuesday 30 August 2011

My new tumblr blog – Library of beauty

While being busy with a lot of new stuff, I've made a tumblr-blog to share with you guys my own personal library of inspiration that I've been collecting for the last 5 years... Hope you'll pay it a visit :) What do you guys think? Is there anybody out there at all (besides some of my friends and family... haha) Oh, and by the way, I'll still keep this blog to post my regular stuff on.. not to get confused...

Click here: Library of Beauty


Anonymous said...

Hi Katharina, I'm such a huge fan of your blog. I don't comment a lot, but be sure I'm always around here checking your new posts!

I can honestly say that Library of beauty is my new favorite tumblr. So good!

Camila Faria

Katharina Berggreen said...

Dear Camila!
Thank you so much for your sweet message, I really appreciate it and hope you'll keep reading my blog and following my tumblr :)
Sincerely Katharina