Friday 17 February 2012

PINK and bake

Apparently the theme of today is pink, so why not go all the way!! I decided to take a break from work to clear my head for an hour or two and ended up baking "raspberry-chips" (what we in danish call hindbærsnitter! - something I wanted to do for my birthday, but never had time too) - and since I decided to make them all pretty and pink I thought I'd might as well take a picture - of both them and me (see - my lips are pink too!!) So, no, this is not turning into a food-blog, but today it's friday! Guess that's reason enough for me! (I've decided to give them away to friends and family so I don't end up eating all of it..)
Have a nice friday!

1 comment:

camilla said...

muuuums! Jeg kan ellers (overhoved) ikke lide hindbærsnitter, men din ser virkelig lækker ud (Den er jo virkelig fiiiin!)