Sunday 5 February 2012

With LOVE from NYC

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've been very busy with a lot of exiting and time-consuming projects - both private and with my little graphic design business, and furthermore I'm now in NYC and work/shop/live/try-to-relax here, so blogging haven't been my top priority lately. Thought I'd might share some stills from my trip here in NYC, though. I'll be back soon! (All pictures taken with my iPhone, so sorry for the lack of quality...)

Quote on the wall in NIKE shop; sometimes I really feel like this:

Shopping - a lot of shopping (here a snap from the category; white bags and packaging) ;)

Pink envelopes, pink "zebra"-notebook, pink tape, pink love poems book (love poems book from my new favourite bookstore in NYC - Bookmarc on Bleecker - more to come...)

Quote on the wall in the converse store in Soho, where I - at the age of 25 - bought my very first pair of converse sneaks - all black! (and noooo, it's not me they're referring to...)

I LOOOOVE books, and this is a small selection of the books I've bought in NYC (and the airport) so far - not that many on graphic design yet... Especially I can't wait to read the new translation of "The Second Sex" by Simone de Beauvoir (an 800 page motherfucker...)!

I've made a few posts earlier on, on papercut/paperworks, and I simply had to bring these astonishing real life - huge - paperworks from the windows at Bergdorf/Goodman right now - I think they're soooo amazingly beautiful...

Cute oval frames with cute animal drawings inside...

... and last but not least, some more personal pictures of me from around the city; from left: shopping in warm, sunny, february weather - having lunch and a glass of wine at Le Pain Quotidien in Soho - our lovely view at central park when having breakfast at our hotel!

Thats's it for now, I might make a new update or two while I'm here...

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