Friday 9 March 2012

A book reading

I know that my blog mostly has been filled with posts about design and more material stuff, but as I have a lot of other interests (like literature, poetry) I think it's time to start sharing this side as well. Wednesday me and a friend went to a book reading with Josephine Klougart – a young danish writer who's words I find so very appealing and interesting. I love how Josephine has a very special style in her writing – and that her texts are in the field of both poetry and novels. The bookreading, was for me, a very giving experience and I love to leave a thing like this with a feeling to have expanded my horizon! And other than that I just find some of her texts very personal and for me very relatable. Sometimes I almost feel as if she puts some of my thoughts into words, and that's a very rare thing! I bought her latest book - Én af os sover - and started reading right away and I'm already spellbound in her universe... and in my own...

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