Thursday 1 March 2012

COME SPRING - color theme of today

Spring has come! And today – as I happen to wear a green-ish skirt – I decided to "celebrate" the beginning of a lighter period with a green/mint theme. Okay, it's my version of green - meaning that it's pastel, petroleum and more bluish tones, but still... Pictures from various stuff I gathered in small groups...

Me in my greenish skirt (with my little dog playing in the background - and from the picture was taken until I posted this, he already managed to scratch the fabric, but hey, I guess it's my own fault!)

Petroleum ankleboots, mint clucth and metal bracelet.

Last months Cover magazine in a lovely color scheme, mint folder and bracelets.

Totally random with a picture of 2 balls of wool but I remember buying these only because I liked the colors - I still haven't figured what to make of them but I guess one day they'll have a purpose (other than posing in this picture...)
Now back to work! - Have a nice day! 

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