Tuesday 13 March 2012

Snaps from the office

I haven't worked from the office at Nørrebro for a long period, but today I'm back and it feels great! Here a few snapshots of some of the things I have here.

A stack of some of my great books with graphic design and illustration. Maybe I should do a review of some of them?? What do you think?

Lovely letters - as I have grown a small collection and since I've got so many things at home, it's great to have another space to decorate.

Small collection of some of the notebooks I have at the office - I have a lot of notebooks in general, but that's for another post....

Reading these wise words and getting inspired by a small book by Paul Arden "It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be", a gift from my sister. This text in particular is something that's been a lot on my mind lately, more on that in a different post.

My little puppy Basse also enjoys sleeping in the sun at the office.


Anonymous said...

Of course some might say almost the worst thing you can ever do in your life is set yourself goals.

Particularly if you're going for something outside yourself.

Chances are one of two things might happen: either you don't meet your goals, call yourself a failure. Or you meet your goal and go: "Well, I'm here, and... now what? I'm living in this part of the world, I always thought the place I wanted to be, I've got this car, this job, but... now what?"

In my experience, the people around me have spent their twenties getting into good universities, getting good grades, starting jobs at impressive companies and moving to big cites only to turn up in their thirties, miserable about their busy lives, few friends, possibly a wife or lover they rarely see, but having invested too much time and effort in this life to give it up.

Few people get to the end of the rainbow and find their pot of gold, but even the few who do seem to find it outweighs the arduous journey they had to undertake to get there.

Katharina Berggreen said...

Thank you for your thoughts, I do see where you come from and I agree with your point of view to a certain extent.
As you describe, a lot of people spend a lot of time (maybe their whole lifes) on a lot of indifferent and superficial things, and when old tend to wish they had spent it on something else (usually less working and more loving).

On setting goals, I don't necessarily believe that you have to reach them in order to succeed (or feel satisfied), but sometimes it can be a good thing to have something to aim for and dream about or a direction to go. Not to be succesful, but more importantly, in order to grow and develop as a human being. It's a great motivator. And if your goal changes along the way, maybe that's only a good thing and a sign that you've developed and changed - I think it's about growing and getting to know yourself, and personally for me, I do that the best if I know what I want out of this life.

Last but not least a goal in itself can also be to slow down and make a deal with yourself to simply "enjoy the journey" - setting goals doesn't always mean that they have to be big or out of reach. A goal to me is the same as having a dream (just a more specific version) and I do like to dream :)