Tuesday 5 June 2012


Today it's a public holiday in Denmark, but that doesn't mean that you (I!) don't have to work... Here's some snaps from the office today – as you can see I've chosen a mint/pink theme... Just to stay true to some of my favorite colors at the moment..

Me brewing a nice cup of coffee in my new summer'ish blouse 
(which actually make me look a bit pregnant... I'm not!)

A picture of the cup of coffee I brew on a pink piece of paper on our mint table

A picture of my armwrist with my black watch, two beautiful pink bracelets made by my good friend Claire Anastasia (you can buy them in Rue Verte) and a black bracelet with a pearl from my parents

A picture of the most beautiful magazine cover (gold-effect and everything!)

A picture of a page in a scrapbook I keep to collect things I like 

Last, this is the music that's been played the most times today


camilla said...

wow hvor er din top fin! Må jeg spørger hvor den er fra?

Katharina Berggreen said...

Mange tak :) Ja, selvfølgelig, den er fra Malene Birger.