Tuesday 5 June 2012


I think I've mentioned earlier on that my friend Julie and I moved from our old office/shop into a new - and much better - one, in May! So this is where we "live" – still on Nørrebro in Cph, but in much lighter and bigger surroundings with some nice and very talented photographers. I believe that where you work and spend your time, have a huge impact on your level of creativity and thoughts in general, so let's hope a lot of great work will be done inside these walls.

Photographs by Bjarke Johansen



Camila Faria said...

Beautiful place! I love the big windows and all the lighting.

Clayton Steadham said...

Wow! What a spacious office! I like how the black and white colors match each other so perfectly that it made the whole place look very executive yet stylish. Those big windows also bring a lot of sunshine in, which good in keeping the room bright and awake. =) Awesome!

Sam Jephson said...

I’m impressed with the color combination—it made the spaces appear like they’re manipulated with the grayscale effect because of the black and whites everywhere. I would like to imitate that wall clock right there and place it in my office. It looks simple, yet elegant. What’s good about the overall design concept is it doesn’t eat up too much space.

Silverwings said...


Jeg lurer bare på om dette er der hvor Skolen for fotografi var før...?