Thursday 6 September 2012


Today I attended the first class at an illustration course I'm attending at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. The 3-month-course consists of a few days on school-campus with our teacher, but since everyone have jobs/freelances, it's mostly home assignments – and will end in a final project and a small examination. To me it's so important to keep learning new things and to keep challenge myself, and since I have a small dream of doing more illustrative jobs I needed a course like this to get me started.
These are some of the first sketches and notes to our first assignment; make 2 illustrations from a text; and yes, it's a text about a gecko, so I started training my drawing skills, even though I'm sure my final illustration won't end up looking anything like this at all.

I'm also planning to start my own sketchbook again – hopefully it will get me to draw on a more regular basis than I do now, so maybe I'll show you some of my things in a near future.


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