Saturday 5 January 2013

Daniel Rybakken – poet of light

They call him the poet of light (lyspoeten) – Norwegian designer (and in my opinion artist) – Daniel Rybakken. I've been wanting to share these pictures since I came across some of his work some months ago, but now is the time. The work of Daniel is amazing and alluring, and I like how his work and universe – in the field between art and design – is so elegant yet very simple in it's original idea. Daniel is focusing on artificially reproducing something as basic as daylight – and the result is strikingly beautiful – almost poetic, and I agree with his given title. Finally, I'm totally in love with the colors and minimalistic feel in the pictures below, almost make me want to live just as minimalistic as this (okay, I said almost!) Oh, and his workspace on the final picture is just as lovely as his work!

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