Friday 22 March 2013

My insta-friday

Today my post is a small photodiary of the first half of the day, with pictures taken from my instagram! If you think this is what freelance-life is like... you're absolutely right! ;)
Have a good weekend! My instagram name is: kberggreen!

 Got up and took a long walk with my dog Elliot! Passed by this big arrow!

 Came home, made some quick, healthy banana pancakes and a coffee!

 Watched the news and took a picture of my new matte grey lamps from &tradition

 Took a picure of my new white shirts! – while waiting for spring weather to come! 

 Recieved some samples of paper and different finish techniques for some prints 

 Meet the real me: the biggest nerd and totally excited about the different paper samples! 
 Soon ready to place some orders! 

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