Sunday 7 October 2012

Effective weekend – Bedroom change

I've had a super effective weekend – besides a bit of work and some time to relax – Saturday I decided to paint a wall in my bedroom in (what luckely turned out to be) a very beautiful grey color! The other half of the saturday I build (yes BUILD) a headboard for my bed – something I've been meaning to do for a while! You can see a bit of the top of it on the picture below, but since I haven't hung it up yet you can't really see what I did – I'll make a DYI very soon!

Soooo.. since I loved the grey color soo much, Today (sunday), I decided to paint a wall in my living room with it as well, since I had bought way to much paint...
Lovely weekend, I'll bring some more photos of my latest projects soon, but now – relax!! Have a nice sunday!

 My new grey wall! 
Lamp – inherited from my grandmother and painted white / Bedside table – Kartell / 
Box from Hay (I decorated it with some neon pink tape), Headboard (the top of it) by myself / 
Grey wool pillows in the back by myself / Pillow in the front in the softest cashlama from Aiayu (former Aymara)


Ann-Cathrine said...

Wow Kat ! Ser så godt ud ! <3 Savner dig og lille Elliot.

Katharina Berggreen said...

Tak søde Anne! :) Ja, du må snart komme hjem til os igen!