Wednesday 31 October 2012

Polyvore – a great tool for bloggers

I just discovered this site yesterday– Polyvore – and thought that it's a site worth sharing for all fellow bloggers out there. Personally I do most collages/photos in Photoshop, but I know that many find creating great collages and moodbards a bit more diffucult! And maybe I'll start using this site a bit more since my discovery!
Polyvore makes it easy for you to create collages with your favorite things – either you choose a template or you make your own – then you pick and drop the images you wish placed on the collage – either from a VERY big library connected to a lot of great designers in both fashion and interior – or by uploading images yourself. Click publish and you have a nice moodboard for your blog. You can also publish your moodboard directly to your blog which allow you to share the images/info and the text linked to the various items on your board.
(And no, this is not a sponsored post, I'm just very impressed by what a great tool I think it is! :) )

Sooo... To show you what I mean, I created this "moodboard" of what my own day looked like:

 First step: Pick a template (or make one yourself)

 Next step: Pick your items and drag them exactly where you want to place them! 

And Voila! Your personal moodboard! 

My moodboard is what I (more or less) looked like today and what I did.. 
I wore my new pair of Acne Clover Boots, 
a black A-skirt (with black tights since it's freeeezing), 
a black shirt (actually mine is with small white stars but I couldn't find it online anywhere), 
and a nice warm knit from Acne. Besides what I wore I had some lovely cups of lattes and last but 
not least I worked a lot (the computer)! 

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