Tuesday 21 May 2013

Details from my home office

I love personal home office spaces. My own home office is filled with a lot of stuff that I've organized in areas. The key to creating a personal space without having it to look too messy and chaotic, is to create some areas and spaces for your personal stuff, instead of spreading them all around the room. In my own office I've made a big black board where I hang some notes, magazine cut-outs and illustrations I make – kind of like a big moodboard – which easily can be changed as often as you wish, to create a different mood or color theme. (Try to select the things you hang on your board in the same color scheme – that way you'll create a coherency and calmness to the room, still showing your personal style)
As I have a lot of posters and frames and often change the pictures on my walls, I've gathered all (for the moment) unused frames, signs and paintings in one big stack up against the wall, so they make they're own atelier-ish look.
Another thing you can do is to hang up some small magazine cut-outs (or as me, my business cards and some pictures) in a small group with some colored tape, to make a nice little collage of things that might inspire you.
Good luck on creating your own personal office space!

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