Thursday 19 September 2013


Some of my instagram updates from the last week. I will get back to you with some nice updates soon!

Yesterday I took the time to do some shopping and finally found a nice leather skirt, that I've been looking for for months. And a nice nailpolish from Chanel and the best Vanillapowder from Urtekram.

 I was so lucky to be invited on an Arne Jacobsen tour, driving around the city for hours and seeing some of his great work. The occasion was the release of one of his old design chairs – the Tongue – a very beautiful and forgotten design classic in the history of some of Arne Jacobsens designs, now restored and engineered by danish furniture company HOWE. I took a lot of pictures along the tour, and can't wait to share them with you – along with some great photos of the Tongue chair.  

Made som healthy raw, glutenfree and sugarfree cocoa/coconut balls, and yes, even without all the fun stuff in them they were still amazing! (If I must say so myself.)

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