Monday 23 September 2013

The Tongue chair by Arne Jacobsen x Howe

Designcompany and furniture manufacturer HOWE recently relaunched one of Arne Jacobsens classic chairs – The Tongue (Tungen). The Tongue chair is a classic Arne Jacobsen design, with it's immediately recognisable characteristics of the organic wave form in the seat. 
The Tongue chair was always one of Arne Jacobsens favorite chairs, but for much of it's life it has been missing in his design legacy and haven't been in production. Just until danish company HOWE in close cooperation with the grandson of Arne Jacobsen, Tobias Jacobsen, decided for it to have it's return. 

Now it's back, restored, and I must say that I'm totally into the minimalistic design of it! – just as I am with a lot Arne Jacobsen's great work. And the styling pictures are amazing too – There's only ONE problem, and that is, that I can't seem to choose which color combination is my favorite.
Learn more about The Tongue HERE.

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