Tuesday 18 November 2008

A Beneficial Nutcracker

Magasin has designed a unique nutcracker in five different colors to benefit Red Cross and their "Barnelandet" - project. 
For each sold Nutcracker the project will receive 50,- kr. 
The "Barnelandet" is an aid program for orphans in Zimbabwe. The project includes preliminary 53.000 orphans. 

To learn more about the project, see www.magasin.dk or www.barnelandet.dk

Nutcracker, 119,- kr. 


Okay, maybe this photo is a bit exaggerated, but nevertheless the teachings of Feng Shui has convinced me to start a more manageable life - starting with my apartment.  

To help getting started, I found this FREE e-book about interior feng shui on the following link: 




I have fallen in love with the danish design firm "Strikaholic", who make home accessories with a twist; Blankets, cushions and table mats, take inspiration in the product design of everyday life - placed in an unexpected and surprising new context.    

Monday 17 November 2008

Laura Laine

I just discovered the fashion illustrator, Laura Laine, and her amazing drawings and thought that her work is worth sharing...


This winter, wear pink blush with your pale winther tan, I know I will...


If you drink Yogi Tea, you will discover that every little teabag is accompanied with a little quote.
I find this quote so enlightning and inspiring, that I reproduced it in InDesign, made a print and framed it...