Tuesday 26 June 2012


Yesterday I came across these lovely notebooks from DVF (Diane von Furstenberg) – a collection of beautiful reissued vintage prints on textured paper. Can't decide which one to choose... Maybe all of them?! You can purchase them in Rue Verte, Copenhagen.

Monday 25 June 2012


My blog has been a bit quiet recently – instead I've used my time:

...getting a lot of work done...

...buying myself this lovely pink String shelf to add some color to my kitchen...

...hanging out with this guy (and with friends, but they're not as photogenic as him, ha)...

...helping a good friend decorating cupcakes in her wonderful cupcake shop 
while she went on a well-deserved vacation...

...eating strawberries waiting for summer to arrive...


...discovering great new magazines with amazing covers......

...baking lovely and (somewhat) healthy buns to maintain my non-existing 
plans on becoming the perfect housewife in the future... n...

...and a lot of other things, but this was what I had taken pictures of... ...

Tuesday 5 June 2012


I think I've mentioned earlier on that my friend Julie and I moved from our old office/shop into a new - and much better - one, in May! So this is where we "live" – still on Nørrebro in Cph, but in much lighter and bigger surroundings with some nice and very talented photographers. I believe that where you work and spend your time, have a huge impact on your level of creativity and thoughts in general, so let's hope a lot of great work will be done inside these walls.

Photographs by Bjarke Johansen




Today it's a public holiday in Denmark, but that doesn't mean that you (I!) don't have to work... Here's some snaps from the office today – as you can see I've chosen a mint/pink theme... Just to stay true to some of my favorite colors at the moment..

Me brewing a nice cup of coffee in my new summer'ish blouse 
(which actually make me look a bit pregnant... I'm not!)

A picture of the cup of coffee I brew on a pink piece of paper on our mint table

A picture of my armwrist with my black watch, two beautiful pink bracelets made by my good friend Claire Anastasia (you can buy them in Rue Verte) and a black bracelet with a pearl from my parents

A picture of the most beautiful magazine cover (gold-effect and everything!)

A picture of a page in a scrapbook I keep to collect things I like 

Last, this is the music that's been played the most times today

Sunday 3 June 2012


I've had this blog for a couple of years now, and along the way I've been trying to figure out the exact reason for why I keep having the urge to blog and share things I like. I still don't have a clue, other than the fact that I simply just like doing it. In that context I've also given the concept "blogging" some thought and even though I sometimes feel that too personal blogs can be somewhat distasteful and self-promoting in an unflattering way, I like those kind of blogs, where I can really tell the person behind it and get a small glimpse or insight in their life and what they do, the most! And since this blog haven't really revolved around me, I've given myself a 30 day challenge – the next 30 days, this blog will be more about me and what I do! I meant for the challenge to start on the 1th of june, but since that didn't happen, let's say the the 3rd is the challenge start!

I judge a book by it's cover, oh yes I do! – and yesterday I totally fell in love with the cover of the highly recognized book by danish author Carsten Jensen "Vi, De druknede" – and it's now a part of my ever growing collection of books (the purchase is totally due to the beautiful illustration on the cover, but since I heard it is great too I've already started reading and so far I like it)

Since I also have a thing for notebooks and have actually stopped counting how many I own, 
I ended up buying this great little notebook from Hay, and I'ts already been inaugurated with some small sketches and doodles..

The last picture is a small stilleben from a corner in my dining room; collection of cut-out-letters 
– letter B, Kaj Bøjesen monkey, pink Hay box, small Buddha from a trip to Thailand and a small beautiful table inherited from my grandmother.