Sunday 15 January 2012

Super Sunday

Enjoying my sunday with a bunch of work, coffee and music – came across this in a folder on my desktop and I totally feel like this sometimes...

Monday 9 January 2012

Coffee shop + creative thing of the day

Today I had a meeting with a client, held at some of my friends new coffeshop "Kaf'bar 9" in Antonigade 9, Copenhagen. Lovely place, sweet guys and great coffee - you should definitely stop by! When the meeting was over, I stayed a bit to do some work and ended up writing their coffee menu at a mirror and this was the result. It isn't art or anything, but it feels good to sometimes step away from the computer and do some crafty things by hand. As a new years resolution I agreed with myself to do at least one creative/new thing a day, so I think this is the one creative thing for today (besides work of course)! Rest of the pictures are from the lovely coffeshop!


Tuesday 3 January 2012

Design item of the day

Happy new year! It's my first day back at the office in Blågårdsgade and my sweet friend and office-roomie Julie gave me this wonderful post-it stack from Hay in the brightest orange/pink color as a christmas present! Thank you very much Julie! :)