Sunday 24 March 2013

Sunday Sound

I heard this song on the radio this morning and think it's the perfect sound for a sunny and beautiful spring sunday like today! When I hear the song, I imagine that it's summer and I see happy people  running around and playing in slow-motion, on a big field of untamed, yellow straws with flowers in their hair, laughing, jumping and holding hands in the warm sun. It's hard not to be anything but happy after hearing this cheerful song! Can you feel it too? Enjoy and have a happy sunday!

Saturday 23 March 2013

Line Klein x Alt Interiør

I love the work of Copenhagen-based photographer Line Klein, and today I came across her own BLOG and totally loved these pictures, she recently shot for danish interior magazine Alt Interiør. I love the styling and colors on the photos and and the sofa is just perfect! I'm looking for a new sofa myself and have had my eyes on this beautiful and simple model from danish design company &Tradition, so I think I'm gonna try to find something quite similar, since it's a bit too prizy for my budget. What's also really great about these photos, is that they perfectly demonstrate that a classic sofa in a neutral color can be styled in a lot of different ways!

Photos by Line Klein.


Friday 22 March 2013

My monochrome bedroom

Today I decided to take some pictures of my bedroom – which at the moment is kept in a very monochrome colorscheme – with black, white and shades of grey! Even though I love colors and have a lot of pastels and neon colors in my apartment, I prefer keeping my bedroom a calm and clean space with room for relaxation and rest! 
The black and white painting on the wall is by my friend and mentor, painter Tonny Hørning, the lamp is one I inherited from my grandmother and spraypainted white (something I regret a bit today) and the headboard is one I build myself.     

My insta-friday

Today my post is a small photodiary of the first half of the day, with pictures taken from my instagram! If you think this is what freelance-life is like... you're absolutely right! ;)
Have a good weekend! My instagram name is: kberggreen!

 Got up and took a long walk with my dog Elliot! Passed by this big arrow!

 Came home, made some quick, healthy banana pancakes and a coffee!

 Watched the news and took a picture of my new matte grey lamps from &tradition

 Took a picure of my new white shirts! – while waiting for spring weather to come! 

 Recieved some samples of paper and different finish techniques for some prints 

 Meet the real me: the biggest nerd and totally excited about the different paper samples! 
 Soon ready to place some orders! 

Thursday 21 March 2013

La Vittoria branding design

Time for a graphic design project! I came across this beautiful project for the La Vittoria event by lg2 studio. The color combination is gorgeous and bold, and the mix of fine monogram/pattern details and the strong serif typeface really makes it interesting. Great work! I found it via Hannah who runs the blog –Good design makes me happy– (go check out her blog – a great source of tasteful, handpicked graphic design inspiration!)

Supernova by Rebecca Uth

Okay, I know this sounds totally weird, but I literally gasped when I saw this SICK beautiful SUPERNOVA tray from Georg Jensen designed by Rebecca Uth, in a magazine last night! I love the reference to the old japenese origami tradition that is very much up in time these days combined with the beautiful silver finish! At first I thought it was a decoration to hang on the wall (which actually would look really great too and is an even better excuse to buy, now it has 2 functions – all in one product!! (– hey, where do I get this from!?)) I instantly looked it up on their website and can inform others that may find it as breathtaking as I do, that you can get it as both tray and bowl in 2 different sizes! This is now also added to my ever-growing wishlist! I would have loved to show you a picture of the products seen from above, but couldn't find one!

Single product shots via Georg Jensen.

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Moodboard of the day

Today I wanted to post a little moodboard-post, since it's been a while. No overall theme than the black and white photographs. But make sure to notice the boy and the girl – I think they're the cutest ever!
If you like photos like these, you should visit my tumblr blog Libraryofbeauty.

Quote of the day

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Marble side table

I know marble is a hyped material in the interior magazines and blogs at the moment, but I'm totally into the old-fashioned look too! And then I came across this amazing side table at the Stylizimo-blog just now and had to share! The combination of shape, material and design makes it just perfect – and I think it would fit perfect into my apartment as well (not good, since I've spent way too much on things for the apartment lately) The price is pretty good too so this is definetely high ranked on my wishlist. You can buy one or maybe a set of 3 online HERE.


London illustrations by Ingrid Trollope

I just got back to Copenhagen yesterday, after 5 great days in London visiting good friends. Copenhagen is covered in snow and even though London was kind of rainy, it still was so much warmer in so many ways. It was my first time to visit London in 10 years, and even though I didn't really got to go and do the tourist-thing it was still nice to visit another city and have a break from work (kind off). So, on this occasion, todays post features some great and feminine editorial illustrations of London by Ingrid Trollope. I came across the editorial some some years ago, and really like the light pastel colors and the simple collage-expression – there's almost a romantic feel to it! 


Sunday 10 March 2013

Sunday wisdom

A little text I found at the blog of Emilie Karlbom, to remind you that life doesn't have to be so serious, perfect or figured out – and that the people who make the most mistakes, often are the most interesting! (Maybe it's for the best if I don't take the advice "spend all your cash"too literally, though!) Have a nice sunday!