Tuesday 31 July 2012

Stilleben of the day

As you may have noticed, I'm very much into ceramics in all types of versions and shapes – and (unfortunately!?) I tend to buy a lot of them! These are my latest purchases.

 The small porcelain moneybank Chihuahua is from Casa Shop in Copenhagen 
 while both the oversized chess piece and the jug are from Magasin  

Snaps from the bedroom

I recently bought a new poster to hang in my bedroom, and while the rest of my apartment is filled with color, I've tried to keep my bedroom as clean and colorless as possible. This is a few pictures of a corner in the room.

 A hanger from Hay, Ikea boxes, a small collection of hats, a poster from the Stephen King 
movie Forest Dawn in a white frame and a Kartell Bourgie lamp 

Monday 30 July 2012

Quote of the day

Honey I'm hoooome.....

Finally back on the blog again. I've been really busy with work and a little get-a-away to Cannes, France, with good friends! But now I'm back and plan on making a lot of new posts. Today, some inspiration from some great cook-books and a little stilleben/setup I passed by in Magasin.

Great graphic design from the inside of various cookbooks

Lovely clock, neon pink glasses and bookcover in matching colorscheme, Magasin, Cph

 Last, but not least, one of the only pictures I took on my Cannes-trip 
 – the most beautiful vanillasky from the old harbor in Cannes