Wednesday 31 October 2012

Polyvore – a great tool for bloggers

I just discovered this site yesterday– Polyvore – and thought that it's a site worth sharing for all fellow bloggers out there. Personally I do most collages/photos in Photoshop, but I know that many find creating great collages and moodbards a bit more diffucult! And maybe I'll start using this site a bit more since my discovery!
Polyvore makes it easy for you to create collages with your favorite things – either you choose a template or you make your own – then you pick and drop the images you wish placed on the collage – either from a VERY big library connected to a lot of great designers in both fashion and interior – or by uploading images yourself. Click publish and you have a nice moodboard for your blog. You can also publish your moodboard directly to your blog which allow you to share the images/info and the text linked to the various items on your board.
(And no, this is not a sponsored post, I'm just very impressed by what a great tool I think it is! :) )

Sooo... To show you what I mean, I created this "moodboard" of what my own day looked like:

 First step: Pick a template (or make one yourself)

 Next step: Pick your items and drag them exactly where you want to place them! 

And Voila! Your personal moodboard! 

My moodboard is what I (more or less) looked like today and what I did.. 
I wore my new pair of Acne Clover Boots, 
a black A-skirt (with black tights since it's freeeezing), 
a black shirt (actually mine is with small white stars but I couldn't find it online anywhere), 
and a nice warm knit from Acne. Besides what I wore I had some lovely cups of lattes and last but 
not least I worked a lot (the computer)! 

MUSIC – The Paper Kites

Yesterday I stumpled upon the most amazing and relaxing music by The Paper Kites! I can't find them on iTunes or Spotify but you can hear some of their wonderful music below. Or you can find them on Myspace HERE. Have a nice day and enjoy the music!


Tuesday 30 October 2012

Amazing Colors – by Jean-Francois Lepage

I came across these beautiful photographs by french photographer Jean-Francois Lepage, and especially I think this cold and mysterious color-scheme is totally amazing and very inspirational!

Friday 26 October 2012

Friday wishlist

I'm totally in love with this beautiful copper box from Georg Jensen designed by Ilse Crawford. Actually I'm starting to fall for a lot of things made of copper – I think it's the combination of the industrial metallic material combined with the warmth of the red copper hue that draws me.
Anyways, this item is definetely on my friday wishlist. See more of the "Ilse" collection here.


Thursday 25 October 2012

Pink Packaging

You know you're a nerd – or at least a sucker for nice packaging – when you buy a product only because you like the way it looks! (– ok, and because it's in a bright pink color!) Nevertheless I couldn't resist this lovely body wash from Karmameju, a Danish therapeutic skincare brand. I had to take a picture since it  matches my box from Hay I decorated with pink tape.


Thursday 18 October 2012

Kitchen inspiration shot by Line Klein

I came across some of these wonderful pictures shot by danish photographer Line Klein over at Trendland. I'm totally into the pastel-block theme that is very popular these days, and I love the pictures below – these pictures are btw all kitchen-related. The last picture made me consider if I should paint the table surface in my own kitchen in a black color.. I'll get back to that one... 



With inspiration in traditional knitting-patterns I've made this set of 3 knit pattern postcards, to use for both decoration and as a card to write on. Personally I like giving a nice card when I give someone a present, and I think this black/white set will go well with a lot of different giftwrapping paper – maybe in some beautiful pastel colors? They're coming in the shop soon so stay tuned!



Sunday 7 October 2012

Effective weekend – Bedroom change

I've had a super effective weekend – besides a bit of work and some time to relax – Saturday I decided to paint a wall in my bedroom in (what luckely turned out to be) a very beautiful grey color! The other half of the saturday I build (yes BUILD) a headboard for my bed – something I've been meaning to do for a while! You can see a bit of the top of it on the picture below, but since I haven't hung it up yet you can't really see what I did – I'll make a DYI very soon!

Soooo.. since I loved the grey color soo much, Today (sunday), I decided to paint a wall in my living room with it as well, since I had bought way to much paint...
Lovely weekend, I'll bring some more photos of my latest projects soon, but now – relax!! Have a nice sunday!

 My new grey wall! 
Lamp – inherited from my grandmother and painted white / Bedside table – Kartell / 
Box from Hay (I decorated it with some neon pink tape), Headboard (the top of it) by myself / 
Grey wool pillows in the back by myself / Pillow in the front in the softest cashlama from Aiayu (former Aymara)