Sunday 30 August 2009

Wednesday 26 August 2009

My photography Project

Two years ago I had a magazine cover-project in school and took, among others, these pictures of my beautiful sister (thanks sis!!). As you can tell, the keyword for my idea was pink!! (Copyright)

Sabine Pieper

Check out her amazing portfolio at

Vanessa Traina

Saturday 15 August 2009

Copenhagen Cupcake

If your by any chance find Cupcakes interesting - have a look at my cupcake blog !


I love the mix of laces and patterned materials - and to avoid the girly look, I'll wear the laces with some black clothes and accessories instead.
(I'm sorry for not being able to credit these photos, since I've forgot where I found them)

Friday 14 August 2009

Helle Mardahl

The universe of the danish designer/artist - Helle Mardahl - really fascinates me.
I can't wait to start on her 3 months course in graphic/fashion illustration, this september!!
I'll let you know more about this, when I begin....

Check out her amazing projects on


I really admire the creatives at the German based studio HORT.
Above is a a little taste of some of the work they've made for the luxury fashion business HAYASHI.
Go check out some of their work at:

Thursday 13 August 2009


I've decided to blog on a more regular basis again, so from now on, this blog will portray my interest in design; graphic design, illustration, fashion, architecture, interior design and modern lifestyle. (Occasionally you will notice that I also have an interest in cupcakes. If you should find this interesting as well, chech out my cupcake blog on;