Wednesday 28 August 2013

Nomess Balsabox

One of the exhibitors on the DesignTrade today was Nomess – a Copenhagen-based company creating everyday design products for organizing the home. I've got a few of their products at home, including some of their first acryllic storage drawers, but ever since the first time I laid my eyes on their Balsabox organizer in light wood and with a pink color palette, I've been meaning to have it. Today, though, I saw a prototype of the same box, but in all black – and I was overexcited and now can't wait for it to arrive in the shops this coming fall. The more subtle and masculine look will be perfect for my new bedroom! – amazing! See more of their products HERE. 


DesignTrade Copenhagen 2013

Today I was invited to the opening of a new design and interior trade in Copenhagen – DesignTrade – and I was a really overwhelmed and impressed by all the great design Denmark has to offer!  Not that I didn't know, but it is always good to be reassured and I think the initiative to a new design trade serves Denmark – and Copenhagen – as a design-nation good.

 Some of the product catalogues and postcards I got 
 – with a lot of great new products and designs among!  

I walked my way through almost all of the stands and had an overview of the exhibitors and their products – I must say that the overall styling is on a very high level, and even though I naturally don't find everything to suit my own personal taste, the majority of the exhibitors are really worth paying a visit. I was introduced to some great new products and design-solutions, and among them also a few that made me really excited, and they will soon be shown on the blog – both from some of the more established and well-known companies as well as from new and up-coming designers. I took a lot of pictures and will show you some of my favorite news and discoverings in the following blogposts, so stay tuned!

If you're in Copenhagen you can still visit the trade until August 30 – learn more on the official DesignTrade website HERE.

Friday 16 August 2013

Simple sophistication

I'm on the lookout for new chairs for the apartment – and came by this photo by talented photographer Line Klein – a very sophisticated stilleben on a very simple and nice chair with a clean and monotone colorscheme – I had to share.


Friday 9 August 2013

Chök – the chocolate kitchen

Today it's friday, and I totally love this brand design project including interior space, identity design and styling for a new hip chocolate shop – Chök – in Barcelona. Furthermore the photos taken by Mireia Rodriguez are stunning! Concept by Intsight – check out the rest of their cool projects here.