Tuesday 30 August 2011

My new tumblr blog – Library of beauty

While being busy with a lot of new stuff, I've made a tumblr-blog to share with you guys my own personal library of inspiration that I've been collecting for the last 5 years... Hope you'll pay it a visit :) What do you guys think? Is there anybody out there at all (besides some of my friends and family... haha) Oh, and by the way, I'll still keep this blog to post my regular stuff on.. not to get confused...

Click here: Library of Beauty

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Monday 15 August 2011

TOPSHOP & VOGUE invite by Shaz Madani

I really like the invite for Topshop & Vogue's SS09 trend previews, where patterns from the collections are being used in the visual expression, and I like it even more because they are so different but still kinda match... Made by Shaz Madani, via ffffound.com

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Sunday 14 August 2011

I create collages...

Sometimes I make collages with scissors and glue, both to make something different from what I do on a daily basis but I've also realized that it's a great way to "escape" and sometimes feels quite meditative, and since I've had an obsession with magazines for (at least) the past 10 years, I have a lot to choose from! Yesterday I started on a new one but haven't quite figured out how to put it together, but I think that I've found a lovely colorscheme, and can't wait to finish it! Below is a picture of the latest I'm working on – tomorrow I'll show you some of the one's I've made earlier on!

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NEW HEADER! - new beginning?

Today I've decided to replace my header through the last couple of years, with a new one...
What do you think??
For a long time I've been really happy with my blog, but also kind of felt that it's been missing something... and I've figured out that it's missing more of ME and what I do... So the new header is also an expression of the blog taking a new turn with more personal lifestyle stuff – but design still being the main focus! Hope you'll keep following:)

Clean Nordic Interior inspiration

Via ffffound and Designspiration

Kauffman identity by Bond Studio

Inspiring identity for Kauffman by helsinki-based Bond Studio.
Via septemberindusty